Hi I'm CursedPlagueDoctor!
I'm an 18 year old artist from the UK! I've loved object shows since 2016, some of my favorites being ONE and Inanimate Insanity.
I started making awful BFB animation memes in 2018, and continued to make object show art and eventually some of my own object ocs, which brings us to now. I came up with this comic idea back in late 2021 as an origin story comic. Now I have revived the comic idea into a comedy-drama between two friends. I wanted to make a simple story with relatable characters, that unlike most object show comics I see, is not non stop edge and drama (but theres still plenty).
You can contact me on my socials or add me on discord (cursedplaguedoctor) with any questions or if you have fanart to show, I hope you enjoy my comic!


im dazed(pancakes)!!! i helped code the site and i feature as some reoccuring characters thruout the comic! :) theres not much u need to know about me, but i hope u have fun reading :3!!
also listen to be the party bee

where to find cursedplaguedoctor!

youtube - twitter
where to find dazedpancakes!

youtube - twitter - toyhouse